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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2017 10:01pm-10:30pm EDT

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hello you are watching r t international with me rosanna lockwood live from moscow thank you for joining us now video has emerged from syria showing a member of the white helmets rescue group allegedly handling the decapitated bodies of syrian soldiers a warning the following video does contain some pictures you may find distressing a man can be seen wearing a t. shirt with the white helmets logo apparently moving the bodies into a skip the rescue group has distanced itself from the video however its actions have spotted controversy in the past let me see who has more. well since this graphic video was posted on twitter people online have been outraged by it and in fact i believe we can now show you the video blurred version of it once again so it was reportedly filmed in the southern syrian province and in this video we properly see a man wearing the t. shirt with that white helmets logo and he's apparently helping a group of people remove a number of bodies off of the truck and judging on the uniforms on these bodies
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well they're most likely either syrian soldiers or pro-government fighters and in fact at the end of the video what we see is this man with a white helmets t. shirt holding a syrian flag that was pulled out from the bodies but since this video has emerged while the white helmets has distanced themselves from this incident confirming that this man although he was a white helmets member but he's since been fired because he's violated the code of conduct of the group referring specifically to this video that was posted well they say the man was acting independently and not in the capacity as a white helmets member but despite the ongoing criticism on white helmet the western mainstream media has been praising the white helmets as heroes and film documented they were actually won an oscar earlier this year here's a sample be nominated for a nobel peace prize one of the subject of a new documentary on netflix. also known as the syria's civil defense are a group of volunteers who were the first to arrive at the scene of an asteroid when the bombs fall a small group of volunteers called the white house minutes run into
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a smoldering rubble and rescue trapped victims the oscar goes to. the y. . it's a. ways in the reality of syria and what these mainstream media reports often omit is the fact that white helmets happening before repeated alleged ties to a terrorist group. and this latest video on twitter certainly is far from the only incident that the white house has been criticized.
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the on. the right so as you can see this video really is just the latest in a string of constructor see surrounding a white helmet script journalist for nasa bailey has covered the syrian crisis on the ground many times during the conflict she says the video once again demonstrates the group's questionable ethics this is not the first time that we've saying the whitehall nuts being videoed participating and various atrocities in surrey and going back as far as two thousand and fifteen and the only reason that the white home let's have again put out a statement is of course because typing court out not let's just examine the incident it took place and that although it was an attack on this area an ira bomb made the funding and advice on the old south to damascus highway not all over that is there an arab army soldiers according to my sources on the grounds were killed during the i touch by well not all killed in action many all of them i was there an
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arab army soldiers were murdered was slaughtered as prisoners of war that both days with and clearly this man but a new to light it and this white home it operates a was seen clambering over the bodies of the syrian arab army soldiers this is not the first time that this is being seen and has been photographed and has been questioned as regards them moral and their their attics. in neighboring iraq suicide bombers have killed at least three people in mosul shopping district the area was recaptured from eisel several months ago and the country's prime minister said the total liberation city will come within days but for now the heavy fighting there is affecting thousands of civilians who remain trapped. because she doesn't. like it i'll.
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get a good sign they are. happy but i don't feel a lot of coffee a lot of. political a helicopter the whole of the. love but obviously part of her god and that he had. found a kind of joy and a. joy that god that's. the joy of god however put out. meanwhile experts have been speculating over who could replace isolator i'll be back al baghdadi if his death is confirmed that follows reports of his possible elimination by russian and strike but unlike al baghdadi who had a religious background the two main contenders to replace him have a very different backstory. a baby and a many both served a security officials under saddam hussein and following the u.s.
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led invasion of iraq in two thousand and three they both joined the sunni insurgency part of which later transformed into a islamic state military analyst kemal thinks a disaster could be avoided if the u.s. led coalition didn't destroy iraq institutions when they're on the of saddam was disbanded a lot of the baath is for described so to join the sunni insurgency has used force . and also against iranian backed militias a lot of them are not ideological supporters of isis some radical islam but the feeling aggrieved by the iraqi government saying that the u.s. was very heavy handed again to sin they are trying certainly united states and united kingdom ignored all the advice given to them about dismantling the iraqi state specially the iraqi military and security forces because one thing getting rid of saddam but destroyed iraq a state system that. led to this disaster. there
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has been another protest in central london members of the english defense league took to the streets to vent their anger to speak to islam as terror attacks but they were met by anti fascist groups who organize to counteract chanting slogans saying refugees a welcome in the country there was a large police presence ball toss all teasing or smith reports that seem to only add to the tension. now that that day another protest at least that's how it's being here in london at the moment these are two small but very rock demonstrations here with standing with the english defense league they have come out today in response to the number of terrorist attacks that we have had here in the u.k. just over the past couple of months that saying enough is enough but we need to go up islamic fundamentalism because it's all for the reason that every i'm going about see as i say a small number of people very very emotional and it being very very heavily policed day and i'll get you when they come around and see just
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a little bit on the other side i think the police keep them very well apart but those are the unceasing actually favor that unites against them and other affiliates agree on they all the incredibly rocky that's about forty fifty of them at the last count but they're very noisy and that say these people the english defense league have no place on the street the person they want to prevent them from marching that every time he'd be out on. that the anti fascist come out while we speak to a few people here say to think what go and. against the rise. as them for viet fascism in the u.k. words can't describe how much oil takes. every thing they stand for the nazis the fascists and the by by spinning the saudis were spying for our freedom. no more sure lower in this country. i'm a patriot no righteous there is a difference because all one christian values is
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a by me righteous as i see these demonstrations becoming pretty much a regular occurrence by with another one on the same street just a couple of months ago and even if they're not big enough that big own destruction there are hundreds of police have anything beyond that helicopter up in the sky i just a police boys a very small but as they say very aggressive demonstration. the third group games of the twenty seventeen confederations cup up in producing some big results and for all special football coverage new hobby and stan collymore are in sochi. booked into the black sea resort of sochi where the group a action has concluded the results are in mexico to russia one portugal for you zealand no alongside me as always thank. the big game of the day russia mexico they were hoping that the house would go through would be very good for the tournament wasn't some of the off open the scoring for russia on twenty four minutes at
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a very crisp british it was across the right time of the mexican goalkeeper my well steady the nerves great wasn't to mexico came back into the game in equalizing five minutes church itself needs to look to manage your game see a game out didn't five minutes later the mexican this is a shocking way to lose i think it is one long point to brainstorms and he grew up in front of his one hundred first appearance of the russian national team was in no man's land but the hosts arrived affect the tournament perhaps not because they're still going to the very best like sanchez christiane overall though but disappointing for russia ok so the hosts go out mexico go through though they were fancied to and of course win in the group big favor so you can champions portugal is have a look at there a couple of the goals from not matching with who else but christiane around there who opened the scoring on thirty three minutes bread and butter for a striker of his quality a penalty and look at a confident smashes it home then came five minutes later thirty eighth minute to
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a big summer signing for manchester city but not a silver sliding in for that kind of money as you want to see if it bravery in the box two more goals as well like the fact that new zealand were here playing top quality competition from just that class now i'm sure russia the news elizabeth thinking again we didn't do too well but great sort of test them that and for the world cup let's go down to our correspondent you know neal who's been outside the stadium and inside the stadium. what was the atmosphere like when russia scored that goal i imagine there was a heck of a lot of hope was forty two thousand people inside the stadium and about forty one facing them are russian. they absolutely blew the roof off arena case on a lot of hope at the start of each half of the game went on the composure of the mexicans really started to show russia just a little bit out of their depth when it came to holding the ball up and trying to get it up front but maybe that's something to learn for that the really big tournament in twelve months time at the world cup but a lot of excitement here before the game as well
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a lot of summer bro hot side in the tatarstan sun i managed to speak to some of the visitors some of those mexican fountains and most of us were thinking of coming and having a lot of cold people and really has been the opposite like very friendly very like in mexico very open and very willing to help so we have a very very exciting to have these. amazing culture from the russians nowadays well we have some things that are very similar in terms of the culture and all those are very russian of course but we're enjoying very much good use of the weather changes every thirty minutes but aside from that everything is good thought it or yeah it's better it's more water we thought it was going to be like more soviet style but it's very moscow's very modern here is like if you like one of the provinces it's also nice ah yeah i. i. you know you'll hear. a lot of those.
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now such of course we've been enjoying it here haven't we absolutely. when to gangs we're here we're very formula one and we have to look around the truck were very very excited me illinois. so this is it the sochi old to join this is where the russian formula one grand prix takes place as we are on the racetrack i think it be rude not to actually race to go to football traffic cones and to race cars. presenting the song to draw. stacks. representing the united kingdom a piece of the ground. just seventy five centimeters son.
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so close but i'm pretty sure that i was in the corner and as you can see barely a drop spilled. second experiment i want this to be about straight out flat line speed andre can go two hundred sixty kilometers now the suspect speeds to fancy it's ok. honey. it's called we need to video replay i think. well
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done i have to hand it to you to officially more. than a top of the race i'm sure though was a great great subversive. place. it's very exciting and we will four cities already we go on for example. and then back to some places burke for the fall i know i would imagine that will be a. joy and could be portugal germany could be portugal against chile and every fan that comes over gets. it's a break from some stereotypes again one of the reasons why i joined daughter in this project was because all we hear is stereotypical comments about russia that we all. came with every single package that you'll join us with should be good stereotypes and we've got a fantastic so i'm it's absolutely tropical here more football tomorrow of course and we can't wait to get it started i think by listening to all the griping from
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the frogs behind us it's time to go it's been great to have you with us see again. in other news this hour racial tensions in the u.s. are making headlines yet again a university professor from connecticut received death threats after an inflammatory post on facebook he called for an end to white supremacies using an expletive version of the hashtag let them die his comment was in relation to the shooting of republican congressman last week the storm of anger was so intense the campus was temporarily closed the professor fled the premises and the scenes issued a public apology well the latest figures show hate crime in the u.s. has rocketed in at least six big cities this type of crime sore at least a twenty percent increase last year caleb maupin looks now at how racial tension is dividing society. reports of hate crimes have been surging across the u.s. headlines in recent months.
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the rise of racially motivated attacks has been a trend in the united states senate the two thousand and sixteen presidential election new york city has seen a twenty four percent rise in hate crimes with twenty percent across the state cincinnati ohio has seen an increase of thirty eight percent while chicago has seen twenty percent but all of this comes as both the press and politicians have reveled in the race when it comes to picking a president ninety percent of the black vote is ninety percent over what black vote trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms i love the signs behind me blacks for trump i like those sign one thing he does know is how to get angry white
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men to vote for him president obama over the weekend delivering a roll ring and deeply personal appeal to black voters at times it seemed like the election was just all about race we heard about minorities who felt threatened by trial and angry white men who voted for him but if you look for such a narrative elsewhere you'd struggle france italy in the netherlands for example don't allow any collecting of statistics based on race or religion and it doesn't play any role in politics so are they right and america wrong we decided to ask people's opinions on the street i think it's a great thing to get but statistics on what people think about and like in different countries that way you can know what type of palaces need to be developed i think they're stirring people up to put one against the other and i believe that . assuming someone's economic or social or political standings based on their races that's really. wrong i think it it opens up a. dialogues people start talking about what some of those issues might be to have some data down allies so you should get collect statistics or ethnic or religious
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affiliations has always been used as a kind of path to power in the united states in terms of politics public in the democratic party really capitalize on divisions of all sorts and they use this as a wedge to drive. whatever the arguments or whatever the political agenda is. to really actively looking for that wedge issue in order to somehow stick to really to steer the public away from the really common issues which are affecting all aspects of society as with any controversy related to race it's quite apparent that americans don't see eye to eye. party new york. with less than one hundred days to go before the general election in germany tells langley merkel has literally been spelling out what her country now stands for just
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to give you a flavor of the a to z. she's released the words album does for which mean state oh me and both are brought to your sandwich is for made in germany plus muslims hope a stands for partner of the e.u. and nato along with the word for mushroom hunting and the oh is for the famous october first of course a loan with german order well no content with this we took the liberty of creating our own merkel alphabet. lying among friends is not acceptable. then i'm going to say thank you thank you for good and intensive elaboration.
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after america's defense secretary admitted us failing snuff gonna start last week the pentagon seems to be looking for somebody to blame and it's found someone in his first report to congress since the election the pentagon named pakistan as the single greatest external factor hindering us actions the report refers to war to call support of afghan insurgents by the pakistani government while touring sixty years of its involvement in afghanistan washington has given a range of reasons as to why it's afghan campaign isn't going to plan. iran is reportedly arming and funding the taleban corruption is a huge challenge and afghanistan that russia is now meddling in afghanistan it's very difficult to succeed on the battlefield when your enemy enjoys external support and safe haven we had the. overt legitimacy led to the taliban by the
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russians the problem that the us has in trying to carry out the occupation and subdue the population and i mean the real answer here is the u.s. has to get out of afghanistan they claim that they would have resolved everything and they would have won the war if only it wasn't for pakistan or only or if it only wasn't for something else but there are always looking because they aren't able to succeed the. problem that they have in a war that has lasted longer than any other u.s. war in history almost sixteen years now is the fact that the afghan people do not wish to accept the patient. america's attempts to settle the afghan crisis have seen several surprising methods tested. we are not winning in afghanistan right now .
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good for it. looks like you're on a cruise to the shall see thank you. pages six million dollars to mail a tire you can go because the a bomb in color now the pentagon doesn't even know where to go. that might have been eat. any justification for twenty million dollars of afghan firewood when my auditors asked for documentation of we're basically told quote unquote we don't have the records we just spend the money. you know the news this hour you'll love the junk food could cost you your job at least that's if you push it to thaw and that's the lesson to be loved from
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a recent scandal that's rocked the cia. explains big news say contractors couldn't steal snacks without getting caught the contractors were working for the cia developed a special payment method they steal thirty thousand more for vending machine junk food and were doing it for about six months until they got busted all in the scheme was quite elaborate going to meet the classified office of the inspector general report they unplug the machines from the net and use special blank prepaid cards to retrieve the snacks for free wow so a cia contractor who's annual salary ranges from about sixty thousand to one hundred sixty thousand dollars had the desire to go to such lengths putting their careers on the line all to eat free junk food at the office the social media couldn't resist.
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and the funny thing here is once the perpetrators were caught gave their badges in and were taken to jail the department of justice was not hungry enough for justice and did not press charges perhaps feeling sympathy for starving staff you'll pass until you go r.t. . the construction of one of the two turkish stream pipeline legs has ended its deep sea stage when the plan is now being installed on the seabed the project aims
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to connect russia and turkey with the pipeline pumping russian natural gas across the black sea any of the trenka was on board the gigantic construction vessel. my dear there. that's all you can suck it up and see if. anything that happens with spirit gets controlled and this. the
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full force of the cold war the welding of the pipe that's a steering wheel if you like nothing like the regular device let's see if we can talk to the captain scuse me sir there's your story as you give us a little bit of inside of was going to. pull the control system off the vessel prejudice here definitely the best little mr big so we need to know what's going on of all the places and you see yeah. that's a position see where you are off position exactly zero point zero meters how exclusive is this machine nothing there's nothing that can be compared with the capacity and capability of the vessel. which is also defined by the people. over there you can see the pipe that's how they're stored before they are sent into the welding factory and right now i'm going to show you what happens to them right after they come out of there the pipes go straight under the water and at one point
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they will get as deep as two point two kilometers below sea level. natural gas delivery as efficient as it gets any green concerns well engineers claim pipelines like this cause no harm to the environment let's hope we can count on them and on the technology that rocks. coming up next it's well to part stay with us.


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